Thursday, May 20, 2010

OTC Bulletin Board Quotes

We have been getting alot of questions lately in regards to large spreads at times on our stock and we feel this is worth spending a little time to explain.
What has happened over the last few months is that several market makers, most notably Knight, have chosen not to publish their bid and ask on the OTCBB quotation system. Instead they are posting on the Pink Sheet/OTCBB combo system. As a result, depending on who you get your quotes from, you may not be getting the actual bid/ask. For example, Yahoo quotes only include the OTCBB quote system, which does not include Knight and several other market makers. So, if you are using Yahoo for quotes, you are not receiving accurate information. I only mentioned Yahoo because it is widely used, but most quote systems are not currently reporting an accurate bid/ask. By the way, this applies to all OTCBB stocks, not just ITKG.
Until your the quote system makes the appropriate changes to include both systems you can use which currently includes the bid/ask from both systems. It is delayed but it is a free system.

Doug B