Monday, September 6, 2010

The Progress of Mo

In the brief 13 months since Mo Zeidan and his team of electrical engineers and materials experts joined Integral, we have experienced steady and significant progress toward our goal of commercializing our proprietary ElectriPlast™ technology. During that time, Mo worked very closely with the independent laboratories that tested ElectriPlast™ and he subsequently published the 8 data sheets that have generated enthusiastic responses from many industries. Moreover, he established the Integral laboratory, which was instrumental in expediting the initial testing of numerous materials. As a result of the expertise Mo and his team brought to Integral, we have signed 3 additional licensing agreements in the last year. Also, Mo and his team have worked in concert with a licensee to perfect and advance our ElectriPlast™ wire technology.

Mo's vision and plan for the commercialization of ElectriPlast™ has enabled the company to develop strategies and focus on those markets which we can penetrate quickly. In this regard, Mo and his team of engineers and materials experts have provided expert guidance and solved many intricate problems, while serving as the end users' full-service support team at Integral as they began the switch to ElectriPlast™.

Mo's reputation within the industry has enabled us to develop significant relationships that would ordinarily take years to establish. Moreover, his past experience, sterling reputation and industry-wide relationships are proving to be invaluable to Integral. We look forward to more great things from Mo Zeidan and his dedicated team of experts in the coming year.