Monday, January 24, 2011

CAFE Standards and ElectriPlast

For most, the word CAFE invokes images of coffee shops, lattes and espresso bars. However, since our forte is conductive resin pellets, not roasted coffee beans, you might wonder what does CAFE have to do with ElectriPlast? Plenty. CAFE, in the automobile industry, is the acronym for Corporate Average Fuel Economy.

In 1975, the US Congress, recognizing the need to conserve energy and increase fuel efficiency, directed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to regulate the automobile industry to ensure that manufacturers progressively increased fuel efficiency in their fleet. (The same congressional measure also gave the Environmental Protection Agency responsibility for calculating vehicle fuel efficiency.)

Since that time, an expanding field of automobile manufacturers have sought to meet the congressional mandate by producing compact, mid-sized and hybrid vehicles whose size and/or combustion systems have provided the weight reduction necessary to increase fuel efficiency and energy conservation. However, with the introduction of ElectriPlast, many automobile parts (battery covers, connectors, fuses, shielded plugs, etc.) can be replaced by ElectriPlast parts. Consequently, the switch will save fourteen pounds or more for shielding applications and greater weight savings in larger autos. Moreover, ElectriPlast parts will be less expensive for the Tier 1 supplier to manufacture and ship, cheaper for the motorcar manufacturer to buy, and easier on the consumer's budget because less weight equals better fuel efficiency. And that should keep the CAFE bean-counters in Washington happy.

In ElectriPlast, Integral Technologies has a revolutionary solution that reduces weight, increases, fuel economy, and conserves energy while helping the automobile industry meet the CAFE mandate. So, the next time your mind drifts to coffee shops, lattes and espresso bars, remember ElectriPlast and CAFE.